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08.04.2015 "Now may be the time to invest in Russian shares because oil prices have hit bottom and the Russian stock market is risingI'm very optimistic about the future of Russia. Certainly one of the most attractive stock markets in the world these days for me is Russia. Russia could now be "the right place at the right time" for investors. Something has happened over in the Kremlin. The old ways of doing things in Russia have changed in my view", - American veteran and international financier Jim Rogers to tell the Reuters on investment forum in Moscow. His own portfolio consists largely of Russian shares.


"Go to Russia as soon as possible because the future belongs to Russia" - Nikolaus Knauf (the international company - the largest manufacturer of building materials in the world - a successful investor in Russia)


The German investments occupy a significant place in the total volume of foreign investments in Russia. As of the end of September 2012 in the Russian economy accumulated German investments in the amount of $24.8 billion dollars, of them direct investments amounted to $11.4 billion, portfolio investment about $11 million.

70% of the companies, according to the survey data of the companies-members of Russian-German chamber of Commerce, intend to expand their presence in the regions of Russia.

26% the companies already have their production in the Russian regions.

35% of the total volume of investments of German companies in the regions of Russia in 2012г. Has been directed on creation of new productions and 65% for the extension of already existing ones. Most of the investment was directed to the regions of the Central, North-Western, Volga and Ural Federal districts.  

More than 170 agreements and arrangements of various kinds between the regions of the Russian Federation and the Federal States of Germany are being implemented at the interregional level at the moment.

Between 23 subjects of the Russian Federation and 14 of the Federal lands of Germany (were not taken into account The Bremen Land and Saarland) decorated partnerships in the form of inter-regional agreements. 11 German lands have their own representative offices in Russia. In 80 of 83 Russian regions are represented by German companies. At the beginning of 2011 in the Russian regions there were about 2500 companies with German participation.

Russia is the third trading partner of the EU and the EU is the first trading partner of Russia. The EU is the most important investor in Russia. It is estimated that up to 75% of Foreign Direct Investment stocks in Russia come from EU Member States.